How to Join the PDQ Owners Association of SouthWest Florida

POASWFla is a LOCKED Yahoo site. That means that you cannot access it without joining it.

1. You must obtain a free "Yahoo account" and the associated Free e-mail. Please fill in the Profile with any info you desire, a picture if you want, or leave it blank.  Go to to learn how to do this.

2. Please send me a private e-mail via the PDQ Forum (, including your "Yahoo" e-mail address.  Include you PDQ vessel's number (ours is 36040) with this e-mail.

3. I will use the website features to send you an Invitation to join the POASWFla group, which you must activate within 7 days.

4. This group is for PDQ owners only. It is designed to facilitate social activities between members. My apologies to non-owners, but you must provide your hull number to join the group.

If find you are unable to gain access, I can (on a limited basis) set up your Yahoo account and accesss for you, but I still need to hear from you by e-mail first.
Terry Green
s/v Second Wind